How can I buy past vintages?

Thank you for your interest but we are currently sold out of all of our past vintages.

Is it possible to visit the vineyard?

It is not possible to visit the vineyard, we are sorry to say. Because we do not have permits for tours, tastings, or visits and because Seaver Vineyards is a private vineyard and residence, we are not open to the public at any time.

Why can’t I find your wine in my local wine shop?

Because we produce such a limited amount of wine, we do not have enough inventory available for nationwide distribution or to offer to wine shops. The best way to get a bottle of Seaver Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon is directly from us by signing up on our mailing list.

How can I buy a Seaver Vineyards baseball hat?

We are currently sold out of baseball hats but once we produce them again, we will make them available on our website.