How can I buy past vintages?

Thank you for your interest but all of our past vintages are sold out.

Is it possible to visit the vineyard?

Because we do not have permits for tours, tastings, or visits and because Seaver Vineyards is a private vineyard and residence, we are not open to the public at any time.

Would Mr. Seaver sign my bottle of wine?

Our mission as a wine company is to make the very best wine that we can and to allow our wine the opportunity to stand on its own exceptional merits separately from Mr. Seaver’s autograph. As a result, our company policy at Seaver Vineyards is that Mr. Seaver will not sign bottles of wine. In Tom’s words, “this venture is about the vineyard and the wine that it produces and not about me.”

How can I get Tom Seaver’s autograph?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get Mr. Seaver’s autograph. We do not respond to signing requests sent to Seaver Vineyards’ email address, mailing address, or left on our voicemail and we are not responsible for, nor will we return, memorabilia sent to us to be signed.