2009 Vintage


We are proud to introduce our 2009 GTS (still showing off!) and to announce that with the 2009 vintage the Nancy’s Fancy is back! As we mentioned last year, we can’t say for certain going forward what years we will produce Nancy’s Fancy. We do know that each year is up to what the vines dictate and our winemaker decides. We are particularly excited about the 2009 Nancy’s Fancy and agree with Thomas’s tasting notes that the Nancy’s Fancy has grown up so much since the 2005 vintage.

2011 was an exciting year for Seaver Vineyards. We have continued the work we started last year, focusing on streamlining and simplifying how we do business, but this year we turned our sites towards branding and how we are recognized to keep in step with the quality of our product. After much thought and discussion, we decided the name Seaver Vineyards reflects more accurately who we are as a company and as a brand. We invited designer, Casey Dillon, to lead our team and Casey has done an excellent job of polishing our appearance while respecting our history.

But it’s the biggest news of this past year that has Tom walking on air. In October we received our very first rating when the 2008 GTS was reviewed and received 97 points from the Wine Spectator. The subsequent interest in the vineyard was amazing and we sold out of the 2008 vintage in a matter of weeks. Then in December, the 2009 GTS (part of the allocation we are offering you in this current release) received 92 points from The Wine Advocate! Both reviews are available for you to read on the News page of our website. It was such exciting news and reminds us, yet again, how fortunate we are to have Thomas Brown as our Winemaker and Tom Seaver walking the rows of the vineyard. We hope you enjoy the 2009 as much as we do!

Tom & Nancy Seaver

Winemaker's Notes

It’s funny looking back at the vintage for these two wines. The Seaver property experienced none of the trauma of the hard October 12th rain that plagued Napa Valley. We were wrapped for the year by October 7th before the threat of rain was even a known thing. I can’t say we dealt with another property with the same fortunate circumstance. The late May rain that provided much needed drought relief to many sites in the valley simply sheeted off this steep Diamond Mountain vineyard and ripeness proceeded quickly. We thinned all three clones (7, 337 and 191) at least four times due mainly to some intense summer heat but we also had the luxury of an above average size crop. We feel like we’ve hit a great spot in the maturity of the vineyard and the 2009 GTS shows it off nicely. Blending all the 191 with small bits of 337 and 7, the wine shows ample blue and black fruits balanced for the first time by a minerality that shoots through the whole wine from entry to finish. There’s also an interesting floral component that adds nuance and a bit of give to the hillside structure. Its Diamond Mountain origin is best revealed in its texture, a dense, chewy sensation that almost seems to be more about feel than taste. The 2009 Nancy’s Fancy contains the clone 7 from both exposures on the property and a bit of 337. It has grown up even more than the GTS since the inaugural 2005 bottling. The pure red fruitedness has been replaced by a more complex red and black fruited profile. There’s also a bit more seriousness to the wine with elevated overall structure especially in the mid-palate where it balances the dense fruit component well.

Thomas Rivers Brown