Tom and Nancy Seaver


At some point in the middle of his Hall of Fame baseball career, Tom Seaver’s brother-in-law asked him what he was going to do after he retired from baseball. Immediately, and without a second thought, Tom answered, “I’m going back to California to raise grapes”. Tom was born and raised in Fresno, California, his father was in the raisin business, and Tom had long been a collector of wine but the answer surprised even him. Fast forward to 1998, when Tom and Nancy stumble upon 116 acres on Diamond Mountain in Calistoga and that prescient moment becomes manifest.

From the beginning Tom took a hands-on approach to his vineyard and just as much then as now, he can be found working the land or tending to his vines always with his 3 faithful Labradors close behind. Jim Barbour, Seaver Vineyards vineyard manager, often jokes that since Tom does just as much work as the Barbour Vineyards guys maybe Jim should put him on the payroll! Fascinated by the characteristics in his fruit that come not only from their location on Diamond Mountain but from the changes each year and each growing season, Tom finds immense satisfaction in being lucky enough to tend to his vines daily.

Nancy Seaver is the other half of the Seaver Vineyards partnership and, after 50 years of marriage, is confident in saying she’s the brains behind the operation! Often wearing all the administrative hats Seaver Vineyards has called for, Nancy built the sales and marketing of Seaver Vineyards from the ground up. Also an accomplished gardener in her own right, raising grapes is a natural fit for Nancy and she can often be found in her beautiful terraced gardens or in the vineyard with clippers in hand.

With each year Tom and Nancy learn more about grape-growing, cultivation, and what goes into making an outstanding Diamond Mountain Cab. It is a true labor of love and, bringing with them the work ethic from Tom’s previous career in baseball, they work as hard as they can to create the best wine possible.