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Diamond Mountain Cabernet

Seaver Vineyards produces Cabernet Sauvignon in limited production of 400 – 600 cases per year. Our wines are made from four different Cabernet Sauvignon clones grown on a 3.5 acre vineyard on the south facing slope of Diamond Mountain.

We released our inaugural vintage in the spring of 2008, the 2005 GTS and 2005 Nancy’s Fancy (now known as NLS). We made a decision early on to offer two bottlings which allowed us the ability to showcase the clonal differences in the two main blocks of the vineyard. However by 2008, when the vineyard had completed its seventh growing season, the clones had matured in such a way as to invite blending them together into one bottling for the first time in our history. Each clone complemented the other beautifully and the result was the outstanding 2008 GTS Cabernet.

Since then, we have made the singular GTS bottling from eight of our seventeen produced vintages and have reserved the ability to offer two bottlings when the fruit from the clones in each vineyard block is simply gorgeous in its own right (our 2021 vintage being the most recent stellar example). We liken the vineyard's clones to instruments in an orchestra; each individual instrument has the ability both to contribute to a harmonious symphony or stand alone with a transcendent solo. We can’t say for certain from year to year whether we will offer one bottling or two and we will continue to wait for the vines and our winemaker to let us know.


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